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The Leading Roll

Amoroso's Baking Company

:30 TV Commercial

“Amoroso’s…we make the rolls that make Philly famous”...

For the first time in 15 years, Amoroso’s Baking Company hits the Broadcast market with a new commercial featuring their star rolls singing and dancing to a Big Band, “Mr. Heat Miezer” inspired musical number.

"The finished product was beyond anything we could have imagined," said Len Amoroso, president of the legendary Philadelphia bakery.  "The spot hit the bulls eye with the intended message of how versatile our products are."

Software: 3DS MAX, Z-Brush, Photoshop, After Effects

Rendering: Mental Ray

Agency - Bozeken

Client - Amoroso's Baking Co.

Design/Animation - 3 Dart

Music - Dan Mufson Music

AMOROSOs :30 TV spot

AMOROSOs :30 TV spot

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