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Scion Autos

Viral Marketing Campaign Video

“” is one of many of the viral campaigns created by Scion to promote their ‘boxy’ looking vehicles.  Re:Birth Films’ Director, Adam Witten, adds his creative genius to the mix with this unique take on Urban Adaptations.   Unfortunately, there was no software capable of 3D tracking the rapid movements of the pigeon’s heads, leaving 3 Dart with hand keying, one frame at a time, every head in every shot.

Software: 3DS MAX, Z-Brush, Photoshop, After Effects

Rendering: Mental Ray

Production Company -                          & Subliminal Pictures

Agency - Attik SF/LA

Director - Adam Witten

Visual FX - 3 Dart

Enter the world at

...We are located in the Urban Zoo

Scion Pigeon Spot

Scion Pigeon Spot
Scion Pigeon Spot

Scion Pigeon Spot

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