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The Grand Canyon Escalade Project

"Keep the Canyon Grand"

Viral Awareness Video

The Grand Canyon Escalade is a proposal to build a two-million square foot, industrial-scale construction project on the east rim of the canyon that includes a tram to the bottom of the Grand Canyon at the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers.  In an effort to spread awareness and help fight against this construction and ‘Keep the Canyon Grand’, 3 Dart models and animates this proposed tourist attraction for a viral video that is accompanied with an online petition to oppose the project.

Software: 3DS MAX, Photoshop, Z-Brush, After Effects, Dem Earth, Google Earth

Rendering: Mental Ray

Client - American Rivers

Agency - Gnarly Bay Productions

Design/Animation - 3 Dart

Please Visit

to Read the Story, watch the video, and support the cause

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